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About us

PG Design Studio Inc. is a progressive Kitchener-Waterloo property design firm that employs a research based approach to the design of the built environment. Our staff of highly trained architects, technologists and design professionals consistently strive to push the bounds of innovation in our work. We offer our clients a full range of architectural services including pre-design, 3D visualization, feasibility, design, construction documentation, project management and contract administration.

To us at PGDS, no project is too simple nor too complex and every challenge is a welcome opportunity.

Through our conglomerate affiliations, PGDS delivers projects using an Integrated Project Delivery model. We work closely with clients, developers, builders, sub-trades, procurement specialists and project consultants from the onset of the project, and throughout, delivering well-coordinated and cost effective building solutions to our clients.

Sustainability is at the heart of our design philosophy. Our design team works closely with the project team through all stages of the design and construction. Fundamental property design principles are blended with new perspectives to create an innovative approach in the industry. The PGDS design philosophy is committed to designs that are connected to the network and identity of their locations. Each project addresses the human need, the functional and practical demand and the environmental space while maintaining a sense of style. For projects to become part of their surroundings, great attention to cultural, geographic and environmental contexts are essential.