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Site Planning

Creating a relationship between architecture and community

Every project requires a focused design approach to ensure that is delivered effectively. Part of that requires diligent site planning and environmental considerations. At PG Design Studio, we offer a range of services and techniques to our clients to ensure that site planning for every design and environment can come together symbiotically. We believe in creating effective opportunities through design while applying extensive considerations to the site and the context of the surrounding community.

Site Analysis

We are able to collect extensive data to prepare for appropriate design in relation to the site.  Considering all factors involved within the site that can include the conditions of the environment and infrastructure.

Daylight Studies

Measuring the amount of daylight can be an effective environmental and economic tool for considering spaces, materials and wall assemblies.


Vehicle and pedestrian access through the site can impact the design of the project. Here we can also determine any allowable landscape architecture within the urban planning.

Environmental Consideration

Understanding the impact on the surrounding environment, and identifying any sustainable and environmental solutions.

Zoning and By-law Standards

Understanding and advising on the regulations and standards of all land use for site and urban planning.