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What we provide

PG Design Studio Inc. is a Waterloo based architecture firm offering comprehensive, professional architectural designs and solutions. Our services include:

Site Planning

Every project requires a focused design approach to ensure that is delivered effectively. Part of that requires diligent site planning and environmental considerations…

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Feasibility Studies

At PG Design Studio, we’re are able to provide feasibility studies that give our clients an in depth site analysis and potential design solutions…

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Architectural Design

PG Design Group offers a tailored approach toward delivering our clients’ architecture and design solutions…

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We’ve developed multiple properties using our professional architectural design services

Project Management

Every project has many different fields and expertise involved. At PG Design Studio, we are able to bring them together effectively…

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Interior Design

Great interior space has extraordinary effects in our everyday living and productivity. PG Design Group interior designs use space, lighting, color, materials…

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3D Visualization

Video is quickly becoming an essential and effective way to present your project’s intent, showing the process, the workings of any system, or the evolution of events…

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Contract Administration

During construction, PG Design Studio can provide Contract Administration Services. This includes site visits to observe and evaluate the work…

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