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Project Management

Bringing a variety of expertise together for a common goal

Every project has many different fields and expertise involved. At PG Design Studio, we are able to bring them together effectively. We oversee all aspects of the design and construction process, and deliver on time. PGDS believes in creating an open dialogue between clients, architects and general contractors from the project’s conception to completion. In conjunction with our Integrated Project Delivery Model, we believe in a Triple Bottom Line approach for clients to make sure that every solution is socially effective, economical, and environmentally accommodating.

Budget Management

Maintaining the decided budget is a primary responsibility for our project managers at PGDS. We are able manage a detailed overview of costs and allotted time for each task, and give our clients on-going status updates on the progress of the project.

Fee Negotiation

We execute a motivated negotiation strategy with the design team, suppliers and general contractors to make sure the budget agreed upon is maintained appropriately.


PGDS believes in performing all aspects of the design stages in a timely manner. Managing all design schedules ensures that construction will commence as scheduled and our clients will receive a completed project on time.