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Contract Administration

We are with you every step of the way

During construction, PG Design Studio can provide contract administration services. This includes site visits to observe and evaluate the work, review accuracy of orders and payment applications as well as ensure the quality and status of work is proceeding, and making sure the quality and phase of the work is proceeding in accordance with the Contract Documents.

Contract Administration at PGDS is focused on the administrative aspects of construction, instead of the design process. If issues arise during construction whether design related or otherwise, we work through them and find a solution to prevent potential construction defect litigation. We see contract administration as a necessary, integral and even helpful part of the overall design process that ensures the effective execution of your project.


PG Design Studio provides immediate responses to inquiries. Trust and confidence in the ability of the architect to resolve problems effectively, is a cornerstone of our team.

Completion Review

PGDS can determine that the work is functionally and aesthetically accurate for the owner’s intended use and purpose. We can perform reviews to ensure that the work meets the design intent.


Submittals help our team determine if the contractor actually understands the design intent and is prepared to construct it. The purpose of the review is to check for accuracy with the information given and that the design concept is expressed appropriately in the construction documents.

Site Visits and Job Meetings

PGDS’s team visits the site at intervals appropriate to the stage of construction. On larger projects, this may occur simultaneously with attendance at job meetings. These meetings with contractors provide additional opportunities to ensure that the contractor understands the design and is carrying out the designer’s intent.

Construction Documents

PG Design Studio can diligently prepare and coordinate the design documents required from the design development to the construction document phase and with the owner’s involvement and approval.

Pre-Construction Meetings

While design clarification can happen at numerous points prior to construction, the pre-construction meeting is a critical milestone. We gather the contractor’s attention and focus it on your project, making sure the contractor has a clear understanding of the design intent.

Payment Applications

This process provides PGDS with the opportunity to review designs and confirm that the intent is being carried out by the contractor. Often, the architect is asked by the owner to review and approve payment applications from the contractor to ensure project delivery is seamless.