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Architectural Feasibility Studies

Giving our clients the knowledge and confidence to make their ideas a reality

At PG Design Studio, we’re able to provide feasibility studies that give our clients an in-depth site analysis and potential design solutions. Also, we can offer an estimated construction cost and completion time span. We’re able to respond to any project and site requirements and execute the goals of every project effectively.

Building / Site Use

Knowing the requirements for the overall building area and usage that will affect the design strategy of the project.

Material Sourcing

Materials can directly affect the aesthetic quality and budget of every project. Having the options available through material sourcing studies can give our clients a better understanding of their overall project.


Studies may include research on economical materials and construction techniques for the client to consider.

Available Building Technology

Identifying all building technology that can be used during the design and construction phases of the project will give a better understanding and help ensure a clearer execution of the project.

Area Calculations and Order of Magnitude Cost

Optimize building size, provide area calculation, unit counts and order of magnitude cost to assist client in project budgeting.