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Architectural Design

Quality design for today and tomorrow

PG Design Studio offers a tailored approach toward delivering our clients’ architecture and design solutions. Our services include architectural expertise in the ICI and residential industries. With our trained and experienced team, we can approach any project with an understanding of what is required and give our clients exceptional results for their architectural design solutions.

Conceptual Design

Here we can identify our clients’ goals and requirements for the project and explore ideas to deliver them effectively.

Schematic Design

We apply your ideas along with design strategies and techniques for a more comprehensive view of the project.

Environment Design

Identify structural considerations, including environmental factors and urban planning suggestions from studies within the feasibility studies that can influence the overall design.

Building Regulation Compliance

With our extensive knowledge of the Ontario Building Code as well as by-law regulations, PGDS can ensure that all final designs produced will follow OBC standards and be approved for permit and construction.

Functional Space Programming

Identify the most effective use of both interior and exterior spaces within the site. Here we can establish important aesthetic and functional relationships to create a cohesive design.

Restoration and Renovation

When restoration or renovation opportunities arise, we explore new ways to work with old solutions and apply them.

Sustainable Design Practices

Designing today what will still be effective tomorrow is a challenge that PGDS strives to achieve in all of our projects. With our expertise and experience in sustainable design, we are able to deliver quality architecture that is both socially and environmentally responsible.

Design Consultation

We can provide our clients with the information needed to create their architectural design goals. By brainstorming and exploring ideas, we believe in working with our clients toward a common goal and proving them with the confidence to turn their ideas in to reality.

Contract Administration

We provided all services related to contract documents, meetings and negotiations.

Drafting and Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Use industry leading software including Revit and AutoCad to present detailed design of each project and produce drawings for construction.