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3D Visualization

Communicate, visualize and inspire

Video is quickly becoming an essential and effective way to present your project’s intent, showcasing the process, the workings of any system, or the evolution of events. The 3D visualization method presents ideas, grabs attention, communicates quickly and makes a lasting impression. Our team can build video as well as 2D and 3D animation, containing portfolio defining pieces including architectural, engineering, marketing and litigation information. Our range of products and services include animations, illustrations, renderings and video.

We possess a unique set of skills that spans the worlds of design, technology, artistry and creative direction. These skills allow us to interpret ideas, inventing ways of communicating them in a manner that is beautiful, informative, eye-catching and convincing. Along with technology and experience gained from major projects, PG Design Studio can help designers, architects, engineers, marketing specialists and lawyers visualize their ideas and imagination.


In order for the visual media to be as effective, we first determine the message it conveys for our clients.


We investigate how all visual pieces can fit together to form a unified story, plan and arrange the entire process and take input from all sources.


Using leading edge software and hardware, we work in a studio environment, drawing on the collective skills from architects, designers, technologists, graphic artists, and video professionals.


Final presentations come in numerous formats and are delivered in the most appropriate form to meet our clients’ needs on time and on budget.